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Welcome to the Iberdrola Innovation blog

Innovation 21 March, 2012

* Author: Beatriz Crisóstomo *

Hello @ll! We are eager to get this project off the ground and be able to let you all in on the progress being made and the new technologies being developed in the energy sector.   We want to do this in a way that is straightforward and close at hand.

We’ll be launching our blog on innovation with a somewhat philosophical reflection…how to innovate in times of crisis?  Well, innovation is even more important these days, as it sharpens our ingenuity when looking for solutions to the problems and challenges we are faced with.

Innovation is part of our lives, a buzzword on everyone’s lips and an important issue for companies and governments alike.  It’s also an intrinsic trait in human nature, as we try to improve and do things more efficiently and incorporate new ideas.

In terms of companies, innovation is essential to survival, particularly in times of crisis: What do I have to do to get ahead of my competitors? How can I launch new products and services on the market? How can I develop my operations at a lower cost….? The answer is always the same:  INNOVATE!

In the electricity sector, technology plays a major role in innovation:  What technologies do I have to use to produce electricity more efficiently?  What other renewable sources can I use to produce electricity?  How will end users manage energy consumption?  How can the quality of supply be improved? Where will I be able to charge an electric car?

In order that all of these ideas may one day see the light, a lengthy research process including laboratory tests, prototypes and a long list of other measures is required.  It’s a long-distance race, with several stops to reassess the progress made and sometimes take a step backwards, before we can finally reach the finishing line.

In upcoming posts, we’ll be looking at all of these innovations, which are defining what the energy of the future will be like, while we improve on the energy of the present…   See you all again soon!

Autor: Beatriz Crisostomo
Bio: I’m Head of Innovation Management at Iberdrola and hold a degree in Telecommunication Engineering and an MBA in Energy Companies Management. I joined Iberdrola in 2006 and since then, I have never stopped learning and innovating. I love reading, especially historical novels that transport me into fascinating times. I enjoy every day’s few moments of silence and relaxation reading blogs on various subjects.


  1. As an old fashioned ‘injuneer’ in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (specialising in Telecomms Eng)and holding Chartered Engineer (CEng) status (IET):
    What is the difference between a BLOG, a Tweet and a Twitter?
    I am aware of Facebook in the public domain.

    18 July, 2012 a 8:45

  2. lee smeaton

    so who do I speak to about my water based generator that has no moving parts?

    19 September, 2012 a 11:02

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