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Educating for the future

Community issues 17 July, 2012

* Author: Amparo Navarro *

Like almost everything in life, this started out by chance as well. Last winter, my daughter’s pre-school asked parents to volunteer and explain “the professions” to the children.  They encouraged us to take part because it has been proven that children see their parents as heroes in that situation and I wanted my daughter to have that experience.  Almost all the parents at the pre-school are police officers or fire-fighters, so it was hard for an administrative clerk to compete with the appeal of those professions. I thought about what I could do and then I had a brainwave: I work at the electricity factory.

I talked to a colleague of mine that is an engineer and she kindly lent me her work clothing so I would be more attractive to the children from the visual perspective. However, the most important aspect was to prepare a presentation with informative contents adapted to the cognitive level and understanding of children aged between two and three, lasting a maximum of fifteen minutes.  I decided to focus on prevention, because although it’s important at all ages, it’s especially important for children at the “exploration” stage of development, when they’re so curious about everything.   I started to prepare flashcards, posters, photos of outdoor areas (the park, the street), the home (electrical appliances, plugs and sockets, etc.,) and basic electrical material. 

The result was incredible. Even I was surprised. The children were attentive and participative and that was very encouraging.  In the presentation, we worked on the issue of risks and hazards, the need to be careful and always contact “a grown-up”. We also worked  on something that is very enriching at that age: vocabulary about the home and surrounding areas, especially the park, a place where children relax and play, but where there are risks. We also promoted bilingualism (which is becoming increasingly sought-after), because the vocabulary can be in Spanish, as the mother tongue, and in English, with basic terms so that they can learn them in a more practical and natural manner.

I’m grateful to the headmistress of my daughter’s pre-school (E.I.M. Mini-Poli in Valencia) for having shown an interest in repeating the experience next year, and for encouraging me to visit other pre-schools and offer this activity.  I followed her advice and was very motivated by the positive response from the headmistresses of the Colorins and Little Friends pre-schools to my proposal, as they  have booked slots in their workshop schedules for next year. I would also like to thank and congratulate our sister company ScottishPower for its excellent educational scheme PowerWise, where I got some of my inspiration.

In fact, this experience has taken me back to my early days as a teacher, which left me with a keen interest in pre-school education.  That’s why I’m pleased to give these educational talks to children, as a volunteering service provided by Iberdrola to society (CSR).

The children are “the future”, and therefore, “our future”.  If we educate and train them to be responsible from the earliest and most important years in their lives, they will grow up to be responsible citizens; and we will also be able to enjoy the benefits of this success.  What future do we want for us all? The best. Education is the key.

Author: Amparo Navarro
Bio: I graduated with a Diploma in Teaching, Specialised in Pre-school and Primary Education. Iberdrola crossed my path almost twenty years ago and I’ve worked in various departments since then. I now work in the Territorial Legal Service in Distribution. Since 2004, I’ve been part of the management of the Iberdrola Employees Association in Valencia and Castellón, where we set up a magazine that evolved to become the current website. I’ve always been in charge of Culture, managing promotions and public relations initiatives with both public and private sector theatres in the city of Valencia.

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