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Customer support just a click away with @TuIberdrola

News 10 July, 2012

* Author: Íñigo Alonso *

One of the most exciting aspects of our work in the Sales Department at Iberdrola is in fact a combination of factors.  On the one hand, our company’s commitment to maintaining the focus on the customer and offering an excellent service.  On the other, the fact that we have to achieve this with no fewer than 11 million customers in Spain and 30 million worldwide.

There’s no question that this is a great challenge for me, especially because I’m surrounded by people who feel the same way.

Every day, our customer support channels receive a huge number of queries – to ask for help in dealing with a problem, request an administrative service in relation to a contract or enquire about some promotion, product or service, etc. No matter how demanding the request, our team – which manages over 300 customer support points nationwide and deals with thousands of calls on the customer support hotline every day – strives to give people straightforward and immediate answers to their questions. We play an essential role in connecting the company and its customers.

However, we are fully aware that the rapid rise in the use of the new technologies is changing social habits and altering the rules of how customers and companies relate to each other. In this regard, the ever-increasing importance of social networks is undoubtedly the foremost exponent of this phenomenon. Personally, I’m following this process of change very closely. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be able to take an active part in it, in my professional life.  That is the advantage of working in Iberdrola, a company that is firmly committed to these new forms of communication.

Iberdrola was one of the first companies in Spain to create corporate profiles in Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and SlideShareand we pay attention to and improve on these initiatives on a daily basis.

Following in the wake of these initiatives, on 31 January of this year, the company decided to launch a specific Twitter channel for providing direct support to our customers: @TuIberdrola. I think the best definition of this profile is provided in the blurb: “Official Iberdrola Customer Channel. Giving you the most efficient solutions: electricity, gas and services. Providing advice and answering your queries”.

Ever since it was launched, more and more people have decided to use this channel to talk about their doubts, queries or concerns…and this is just the beginning.  We have no doubt whatsoever that social networks, either in their current form or another more evolved future format, will be an essential scenario where companies will have to be present and earn our credibility step by step by what we do, and by giving users valuable, relevant contents.

Nothing is more crucial to an energy company customer than to deal quickly and efficiently with any queries they may have about their supply contract and to keep them up to date on how to consume energy efficiently, safely and in comfort.

That is why the first major step we took in the Sales Department in relation to social networks was precisely to propose both to our existing customers and to those that are not yet customers but are thinking of changing over, to talk to us on our @TuIberdrola channel and see for themselves how devoted we are to providing an excellent service with a human touch.

In just a few weeks, several people have tried it out and I’m sure that they’ll be back again.  I hope that’s the case and that many others follow them.

As for us, we’re going to keep moving forward, in Twitter and in other social networks. Our priority will always be the heart of this issue: giving our customers what they need at any given moment.  We hope to be able to achieve this – not least because our customers will show us the way. That’s what social networks are all about…

Author: Íñigo Alonso
Bio: I’m a qualified Industrial Engineer from the Higher Technical School of Engineering in Bilbao. I started my professional career in the field of corporate consultancy with Arthur Andersen. In 1999 I joined the Management Control division of the Sales Department at Iberdrola and in 2003 I was placed in charge of the Residential and SME Customers Division for the Madrid Region. Since 2006, I have held various posts in the Marketing Department, for which I am currently responsible.

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