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A passion becomes in my own company

Community issues 7 May, 2012

* Author: Vicente García *

The last thing I could imagine is that my vocation, my hobby and my sport could ever be of such use to my workmates, and that everything I learned on the racetracks, in rallies and cross-country motor events throughout over 25 years of competition was going to be so enthusiastically received in my place of work.

Before joining Iberdrola I already had various shelves full of trophies and cups that I had won in regional races as a co-pilot. I spent my free time during my holidays training and taking part in races, then I started winning serious championships and the car companies began to express an interest in having me on their teams, which wouldn’t have been possible to combine with my profession.

I have to admit that I often had my doubts, and I thought carefully about whether I could really dedicate myself to motor racing full-time, but I became absolutely convinced that my job security was the determining factor, and even more so today. As my back began to give me more and more trouble and the grey hairs began to multiply, I gradually eased my foot off the pedal in my hectic racing schedules and began to stagger the events I took part in, although this decision didn’t prevent me from taking part in the Dakar 2006, and from enjoying a fantastic experience as a result.

Meanwhile I continued in my job in the Document Management Department in Iberdrola. Even so, as soon as I left the office, I couldn’t stop my mind from straying to octanes, and I indulged my passion by writing articles, contributing in the media and giving courses on advanced driving, co-piloting and 4×4 driving. I acquired all these skills thanks to several years as an instructor for the Spanish teams who year after year competed for our country in the Camel Trophy. I also became involved in the organisation of “Sahara Adventure”, an event in which I collaborate every year together with a group of like-minded romantic adventurers.

What I could never have imagined is that I was going to be able to give free rein to my passion inside my own company. Serendipity is very important in life, and one fine day, I –together with many of my workmates– was given a questionnaire on driving. As I find it impossible to keep quiet, I ignored the advice of my friends who said things like “You really want to make work for yourself, don’t you?”, and I got involved and sent the Workplace Risk Prevention Service a list of points that I considered could be improved.

After just a few minutes they dropped in to see me. I got the fright of my life!  They asked me very pleasantly about my driving background, and I wasted no time in signing up to do exactly what I like doing best in the world: teaching and improving everything to do with the safe driving of a vehicle. Since then I have been giving courses on this subject to the employees of Iberdrola.

You can’t imagine how many things there are in common between racing competitions and road safety! You have to remember that races are won by people who go closer than anyone else to the edge of the cliff without falling off.

And here I am! I’m finally convinced that Iberdrola offers the chance to grow by contributing all the knowledge you’ve gained, and all you have to do is just let someone know.

I can assure you that I have more than three rooms in my house packed to the rafters with cups and trophies, but I can also tell you that the best prize I have ever received is when one of my students calls me to tell me that they have been able to avoid an accident thanks to my advice.

Author: Vicente García
Bio: In 1980, I joined Iberdrola, back when it was still Hidroeléctrica Española, at Cofrentes hydro power plant, later to return to Madrid to the Substations Department. Further on, I took on a role in the General Services Department until I joined, a few months ago, the Health & Safety area of Human Resources. Here I use my road safety expertise to suit the company needs. My spare time is spent on motor racing, as a co-pilot, pilot, officer and member of the Madrid Federation, as well as being a specialist driving instructor and a journalist.

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