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A challenging season ahead for the Iberdrola Sailing Team

Community issues 13 July, 2012

* Author: Agustín Zulueta *

I am making use of Iberdrola’s new blog to address you personally and give you an outline of how the season is unfolding for the Iberdrola Team in Europe and Latin America: our activities, where we are now and what our objectives are for 2012.

As many of you know, last year we rejoined the regatta circuit with our new Soto 40 craft, which, with a budget adjusted to the current climate, allows us to continue competing and transmitting the values of teamwork, hard work and leadership. Our objective last year was to win the Audi MedCup Circuit and that is what we did.

Therefore, this year we are the ones that the rest of the circuit participants want to beat. 2012 will be more difficult for this reason but we have the right team in place and the right sponsor not only to make us the football champions of Europe but also sailing champions. And this is our objective: to win the Soto 40 European Championship! The Championship is made up of five events: Barcelona, Sardinia, the Copa del Rey in Palma, Sotogrande (Cádiz) and the finals in Valencia (our home base). If we win this circuit, we will go on to defend our position as European leaders in the World Championship in Chile in January 2013.

We came third in Barcelona and we were the winners in Italy. We recently competed for the first time against the best fleet in the world in Brazil, in what could be called a pre world championship, where we achieved third place in a new regatta circuit and with a hired boat. In Europe, we are currently second, only half a point below the British boat, and our aim is to win the Copa del Rey to become leader of the circuit. We have the right team to achieve this and the victory of the Spanish football team gives us even more motivation to bring success to our mutual sponsor.

We won the 2007 and 2009 Copa del Rey races Desafío Español and now we have the chance to win as the Iberdrola Team. Follow our progress in Spain’s biggest sailing event from 16 – 21 July. We will be competing against eight boats of five different nationalities in our category. We are extremely motivated and we want to make your holidays happier. So, let’s go get them!

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Author: Agustín Zulueta
Bio: I was born in San Sebastián in 1968. I began sailing when I was 11 and I became a professional in this sport in 1987. I have a degree in Industrial Engineering and have been able to apply the knowledge I acquired professionally in the world of sailing and in the construction of high competition boats. In 1990, I was part of the first Spanish team in the America´s Cup held in San Diego (California) and from then on I have been lucky enough to participate in and win six world championships and five Copa del Rey contests. I have competed in four America´s Cup competitions and led the Desafío Español in 2007, a team of 130 professionals which reached the semi-finals of the 32nd America´s Cup competition. I am currently director of the Iberdrola Sailing Team.

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