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A better society for future generations

Chairman 21 March, 2012

* Author: Ignacio Galán *

Welcome to Iberdrola’s new blog. We’re launching it today in the hope we can offer fresh perspectives on our company and the energy sector as a whole. We’re keen to share our impressions of the energy business and what we have learned on the job.

First of all, let me say what drew me personally to Iberdrola. Well, after a career in different industrial sectors I saw a great opportunity to revitalise a company with a distinguished past and exciting challenges ahead. My time in the ICAI School of Industrial Engineers in Madrid and ICADE gave me practical training that prepared me well for a professional career. My university professors instilled in me something that has guided me throughout my professional career: an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. Underlying all this were the Jesuit values I learnt of dedication, loyalty and sense of fair play.

What attracted me most to study industrial engineering was an engineer’s capacity to make things happen, to be the driver of change. What I learned at university has helped me throughout my professional career. It taught me to reason and question, plus the basic theoretical and practical knowledge, which is essential to do well professionally.

I began my career in battery company Tudor in 1972. I particularly cherish my time as international director, as it gave me the chance to lead the group’s international expansion, creating work groups of different nationalities and travelling the world. Later at aeronautical engineering company ITP, and with union support, I helped retrain Bilbao shipyard workers. After a number of years at Spanish mobile phone company Airtel (now Vodafone), in 2001 I joined Iberdrola as deputy chairman. In 2006 I took over from Iñigo de Oriol, whose recent passing is still fresh in my memory and to whom I am eternally grateful.

I have faced many challenges over the years; all fascinating.  But running Iberdrola has been, without a doubt, my most rewarding both personally and professionally.

This reflects both the essential nature of the service that Iberdrola provides and the scale of the undertaking itself. As one of the world’s largest energy companies, our role as an engine of the economy gives it special importance in the present global crisis.

In these troubled economic times, in Spain and Europe as a whole, I cannot help but think of the thousands of young people today who are unable to see a clear future for themselves. My own professional experience leads me to urge them to be brave and prepared to take risks: they must fight for what they believe in and never forget that their energy and hopes will help them achieve any goals they put their minds to.

At Iberdrola, we are acutely aware of the problem. For years we have actively hired young people looking for their first job, and we also offer an attractive scholarship programme. We continue to rely on them and their talent to help our company grow.

They represent the future. With their determination to build a better and fairer society, together we can overcome the crisis. We must encourage young people to develop their professional careers, consolidate their life projects and help them find employment. In our legacy for future generations, failure is not an option.


Author: Ignacio Galán
Bio: Iberdrola chairman


  1. Anna Smith

    Congratulations for the blog!

    21 March, 2012 a 10:24


    The last sentence says it all.

    26 March, 2012 a 19:53

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